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HOL Ultimate OM

the «Ultimate OM No3»





House of Light

«Ultimate ΟΜ No3»

The first, unofficial House of Light «ΟΜ» has been actively used in plenty of Lightwork, meditation, healing sessions and gatherings at the House of Light Hellas, where we have been repeatedly asked to provide this excellent personal development tool to our students and friends of the House of Light. Now, after rerecording and remixing the new material we are happy to announce you the best ever House of Light «Ultimate ΟΜ» which has been enhanced and filled with highly effective extras! The House of Light «Ultimate ΟΜ» IS an excellent tool for relaxation, meditation, visualisation, soul travel, light-work, healing and also for clearing your space and raising the frequencies. It IS best enjoyed with good quality headphones or a hifi system, with correctly positioned speakers.

The House of Light «Ultimate ΟΜ» combines during its 70 min. duration as an effective tool:

- spacy, universal sounds of the polyphonic «ΟΜ» with

- extra deep relaxation in low and medium theta levels (which IS the state of deep, dreamless sleep, only that here you will stay in a more conscious state of mind),

- chakra activation and alignment as well as sound therapy on a cellular basis through the 9 holy frequencies of the «Holy Harmony»,

- extra intensive reprogramming of your subconscious mind with more than 2000 (!!!) positive affirmations with subliminals (low volume subconscious programming). For this part we have used maybe THE most powerful mantra ever: I AM that I AM in English and four more languages as well as the Soul and Monad Mantra in Greek language. Don’t mind the languages, as all subliminals are not meant to be actively listened to anyway and as you know from the incredible Dr Emoto, language is of no importance… The mind recognises and knows!


The «Ultimate ΟΜ No3» also includes all benefits of the No1 version but here the «Holy Harmony» IS a little more gentle with lower volume, which does not lower its positive effects on your chakra system in the slightest! Furthermore, this No3 version IS literally filled with positive subconscious mind programming (subliminal) with far over 2000 (!!!) affirmations. As stated above, we have used the single most powerful mantra ever: I AM that I AM in English and four more languages as well as the "Soul and Monad Mantra" in Greek language which you may read and listen to in the free download-section of our main site.
Please listen to the test file below to see whether the «Ultimate ΟΜ No3» IS the best choice for you!

→ Choose the «Ultimate ΟΜ No3» for deep relaxation, chakra activation and attunement, as well as subconscious mind programming with no effort at all! Great also for meditation, visualisation and healing...


Τhe «Ultimate ΟΜ No1» IS the ‘plain’ version for all those who may feel overwhelmed with the quite intense «Holy Harmony», and who may also for their personal reasons do not want to receive subconscious mind programming. This version brings you all the benefits of extra deep, theta relaxation through the use of binaural beats (brain wave synchronisation).
Listen with good headphones to the test file below and see if the «Ultimate ΟΜ No1» IS your choice!

→ Choose the «Ultimate ΟΜ No1» for deep relaxation, meditation, visualisation, soul travel, light work, healing etc. and travel on top of the universal sounds of the «Ultimate ΟΜ».


The «Ultimate ΟΜ No2» combines all benefits of the No1 version plus the intense and powerful «Holy Harmony» with its 9 holy & healing frequencies. We have recorded the holy harmony climbing up and down the scale in a slow rhythm throughout the entire 70 min. duration, so that one after the other of your chakras will get activated and attuned. Also, the «Holy Harmony» with its frequencies has a balancing and healing effect on your entire body, on each and every cell!  
In this second version the «Holy Harmony» IS more in the ’frontline’ as sound, so please checkout the test file below to see if the «Ultimate ΟΜ No2» IS the best choice for you!

→ Choose the «Ultimate ΟΜ No2» for deep relaxation and get with no effort an extra chakra activation and attunement as well as sound therapy!

ATTENTION: Please note that deep relaxation music MUST NOT be used / listened to whenever your full attention is necessary (e.g. driving a vehicle, using machines, electronic or mechanical devices that may cause injury or physical harm to yourself or others!

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