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HOL Gayantri Mantra

the House of Light Gayantri Mantra 108x

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HOL Gayantri Mantra ΜΡ3

House of Light

the Gayantri Mantra 108x

The holy Gayantri Mantra with 108 repetitions from the House of Light Hellas with polyphonic performance by Alexandros M. Pfaff:

For those of you who have already practiced this holy mantra and also for those who would like to get in touch and start to use it we have recorded this powerful mantra for active chanting, alone, in a group or simply for harmonising and energising of your home. This is a recording with 108 repetitions that takes only 36 minutes and can easily be included in a daily spiritual practice. Enjoy this powerful mantra and reprogram yourself on a daily basis, on your own or with active participation. It is really great to gather in your or a friends place and invite friends to chant it in a group. This will enhance its effect a thousandfold and will be each time a great, uplifting spiritual experience! Its regular use will also support your progress on your personal spiritual path, no matter what belief system you are in, as it is a universal mantra for the whole planet earth.

duration: 36min

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Gayantri Mantra:

(bur buva svaha/sevaha)
TAT SAVITUR, VARENIAM (tat svitur vareniam/vareeniam)
BHARGO, DEVASYA, DHIMAHI (bargo devasia dimahi)
DHIYO, YO NAH, PRACHODAYAT (diio io-nach pratschodaiiat/pratschodaiiahate)

OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI (1x for closing)


free translation/interpretation:

"We praise the pure divine Being in the dense (physical), astral and spiritual worlds,

we meditate on the bliss/truth of the divine Being / the source / of All that IS,

may we also experience/achieve enlightenment of our minds."


short interpretation by the master Swami Vivekananda (1915)

"We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds."



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