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Korogonas Ark wild olives

The Korogonas Ark's Wild Delicatessen-Olives

A Special Korogonas’ Ark Highlight: Wild Olives packed with power-food'n health ingredients. A real rarity and very special taste and aroma experience for all who seek the very best for their health and their gum-pleasures...
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The Korogonas Ark's Wild Products: WILD Delicatessen Olives!


The spiritual, eco-community Korogonas Ark is located on a high plateau very close to the sea, situated at about 125 meters above sea level in the very south of Peleponnese, Greece. Most of the lands on this plateau are either completely wild or being left by their owners with a minimum of human activity.


A Special Korogonas Ark Highlight:

The Korogonas Ark's Wild Delicatessen-Olives


The Korogonas Ark's Wild Delicatessen-Olives (olea europaea sylvestris and further 10 different wild varieties) are a very rare, delicatessen snack for both, absolute gourmets and health-oriented people. As these wild olives are literally packed with health promoting substances they are a real gift of mother earth to humanity and they definitely earn the title of a genuine, real “health fruit” even though they still remain rather unknown to the broader public. These olives are rather a supplement than a conventional food and should be used as such, only in small quantities, where 5-10 olives per day will be more than enough to give us a real boost in terms of antioxitants and polyphenols. We offer this fully natural product in two versions:

1) all natural delicate harmony
2) all natural sweet fruity harmony

1) The  “classic“ Korogonas Ark Wild Delicatessen-Olives are harvested by hand and put in salt brine (made with Himalaya salt) with a little apple vinegar and lemon, without any storage time / delay in between. After 2-3 months ripening they are ready to enjoy and are good to be used for over three years! The brine become a great tasting and very healthy dressing for salads and other delicatessen purposes. The olives have a tender, slightly bitterly aroma with a flowery, slightly fruity and spicy flair - a real delicatessen joy with the best nature has to offer in an olive! Available in glass jars (420gr, olives incl. brine) only directly from the lands of the Korogona's Ark! Please note that due to postal regulations this item is being sent out in zip-bag Doypack as plain olives with almost no liquids.

2) The “all natural sweet fruity harmony“ Korogonas Ark Wild Delicatessen-Olives are also harvested by hand but they differ from the “all natural delicate harmony” version in terms of their origin and taste: These “all natural sweet fruity harmony“ olives are being harvested only from two specific trees that provide their unique sweet-fruity taste when they have ripened fully on the tree. This guarantees a literally, for an olive, unknown fruity sweetness combined with full blossom-like aroma and almost no bitterness at all. This special rarity is “offered“ only from two of our wild olive trees and this with quite high costs: Because only the extra ripe olives develop this particular and very exquisite aroma and taste, they have to be plucked by hand one by one, very late in the time of the year. Thus depending on the weather conditions there is a loss of 40-90% of the fruits to be expected, so this very late harvesting period puts at risk a great part of the overall quantity provided by the tree.  - That’s why our “all natural sweet fruity harmony“ Korogonas Ark Wild Delicatessen-Olives are a real rarity and thus a practically unique wild olive experience! The absolute extra premium olive-fruit-delicatessen from the Korogonas Ark is being left 100% all natural with everything mother nature has to offer in a wild olive! Ideal for gourmets but first and for all for everybody who cares for their health. These olives are being stored in Himalya crystall salt with a little apple vinegar and lemon. Available in glass jars (420gr, olives incl. brine) only directly from the lands of the Korogona's Ark! Please note that due to postal regulations this item is being sent out in zip-bag Doypack as plain olives with almost no liquids.

The wild olives, grown on our lands at 125 meters above sea level, close to the Laconian Gulf of Peloponnese, are a 100% natural product with no treatment whatsoever:
no fertilisers,
no herbicides,
no pesticides, neither chemical nor natural ones are being used as well as
no watering is being done.
Our wild olive trees get on our land everything they need directly provided by mother earth herself, plus our personal love and caring which is part of our overall natural farming concept. The non-watering of these trees ensures them to grow slowly but strongly with great resistance to all impacts of nature. Also, this ensures an extraordinarily high quality of the fruits, in terms of physical ingredients, aroma as well as energetically speaking. We include our trees actively in our daily program, name them, we treat and speak with them as “partners” and show the right respect to every single one of them, helping them out only with a little pruning of old, tired and dried branches, so that they can focus and use all their power for the building of new, fresh and strong branches. This respect, of course, applies also to the harvest of the olives of all our trees, either wild or domesticated varieties, which is being done 100% by hand, with only support nets, combs and a small handsaw but without any technical or aggressive means such as chainsaws, electrical forks or hitting rods, which, besides of the stress these methods bring to the tree, very often lead to tree cancer and other infections.  

Our Korogonas Ark Wild Delicatessen-Olives are a very rare and quantity limited product, due to their co-dependence with nature’s cycles. An early order from end of December will guarantee you that the product is not sold out. The Korogonas Ark Wild Delicatessen-Olives can remain without any change in taste and aroma at least for 1,5 years after harvesting so you best decide to order directly your supply for the year… Due to the intensity of high value substances the quantity to consume at a time is very small, even though they are comparably small in size! Just 5-8 olives per day will be enough for health purposes, for gum pleasures 3-10 pcs per meal should be the right dosage.

The 100% natural Korogonas Ark Wild Delicatessen-Olives are a very precious, powerful product physically as well as energetically speaking, of extra high value: The very best olives mother nature has to offer for all of you who choose the crown-qualities for their health and/or for their gum pleasures. They are a real health-power-food and great as starters for an exclusive meal, as decoration and “partners” on side plates or main dishes as well as a wonderful accompanying snack for wine or just for in-between…

Gotten curious?

Then try the nature’s best for great taste and perfect health!

So order today what you may miss tomorrow…


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