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The Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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The Korogonas Arks Wold & Natural Products:
Ultra Premium Olive Oil!


The spiritual, eco-community Korogonas Ark is located on a high plateau close to the sea, at 125 meters above sea level in the very south of Peloponnese, Greece. Most of the lands on this plateau are either completely wild or being left by their owners with a minimum of human activity.

A Special Korogonas Ark Highlight:

The Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from hand picked domesticated Athinoelia & Koroneiki varieties coming from the natural, untouched environment of the Korogona’s Ark’s lands. It is really cold pressed at temperatures from 18 up to max. 22°C in a private, bio-certified high quality two phase press, meaning there is no third phase of high speed spinning centrifugal forces plus added warm/hot waters which may result in more quantity but always in great loss in terms of quality: All living enzymes stay with our press literally alive and all solid particles which remain in the unfiltered oil, are ingredients of high nutritional value, adding at the same time immensely to the wonderful taste and aroma of this very special gourmet oil.
This makes the Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil a real gourmet highlight for delicatessen purposes, for all who choose only the best for their plate, as well as for all health oriented people who want to use it also for its wonderful health supporting and immune system boosting qualities as well as for its wellness and therapeutic effects when applied as skin oil.
500ml tin, 110ml glass
The Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only great tasting food but a real supplement and health-product deriving directly from mother nature’s best olives, the traditional, excellent Athinoelia and Koroneiki (as well as wild olea europaea sylvestris and other wild varieties which are sometimes included in small quantities as well). Most of the original attributes and ingredients of the fruits are kept alive and inside the oil due to the very careful treatment at the Korogonas Ark Olive Oil production:
1) real cold pressing (max. 22°C),
2) two-phase press/extrahation (no destructive third Phase which literally kills all enzymes, no added warm/hot water for faster procedures and higher oil quantity at the expense of quality!),
3) no filtering whatsoever, which results in a ’foggy’ oil consistency, containing many deliberately wanted parts of the original fruit,
4) acidity from 0,19 to max 0,35 (massively under the 0,80 max. value given for extra virgin olive oils),
5) hyper-oxides 3 to 3,52 (allowed are up to 20 for extra virgin olive oils!),

6) very enhanced concentration in polyphenols (antioxidants), which are labelled and know for their antiinflammation properties and for cancer prevention.

The Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil thus can be a little "cloudy" and show slight settlement of solid particles on the bottom and/or walls of the bottle, which derive from the olives themselves and are more than welcome. Contrary to a widespread opinion in Greece, which says that wild olive-oil is very bitter and useless, this wonderful gift from mother nature is a real highlight both, in terms of taste, flavour and aroma as well as in terms of health promoting attributes. It enhances the great in taste, aroma and nutrients Athinoelia and Koroneiki varieties with an extra health boost, which wild olives do provide! For real gourmets it provides an experience which can be described only partly and always insufficiently with the words:
Smooth, delicately light with a flowery, peppery taste and a softly bitter finish.
The superior quality of this product is underscored by the data concerning acidity and hyper-oxides as well as the polyphenols, that can literally be tasted not only by gourmets of the haute cuisine…


What is the Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil meant to be used for?


The Korogonas Ark's Superior Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is for sure not meant to replace any other oils for frying, cooking, BBQ etc.! It IS rather meant to be used as it is, with no alteration whatsoever especially with no up-heating. One or two table spoons full per day are sufficient but, if you are an olive-oil-lover, then you can, of course, use a little bit more if you want. This special "gold" is meant to replace a conventional olive oil in raw salads and all cold dishes. When used in hot dishes it should preferably been used directly on the plate, so as to minimize the impact of higher temperatures!
It can also be used as for external use on the skin, either as it is or in combination with other ingredients. The external use provides a wonderful sense of lightness, smooth and healthy skin and an overall sense of wellness.
The wild and domesticated olives, grown on our lands at 125 meters above sea level, close to the Laconian Gulf of Peloponnese, are a 100% natural product with no treatment whatsoever:
no fertilisers (only natural farming methods are being applied),
no herbicides,
no pesticides, neither chemical nor natural ones are being used as well as
no watering is being done.
Watering only for a part of Koroneiki has been implemented since 2020, but only for extremely dry periods and, if at all, for only 2 to 3 watering-doses per year (summer), just enough to keep the crops and leaves on the trees...
All our olive trees get on our land everything they need directly provided by mother earth herself, plus our personal love and caring which is part of our overall natural farming concept. The non-watering of these trees ensures them to grow slowly but strongly with great resistance to all impacts of nature. Also, this ensures an extraordinarily high quality of the fruits, in terms of physical ingredients, aroma as well as energetically speaking which, of course, results in superior quality olive oil. We include our trees actively in our daily program, name them, we treat and speak with them as “partners” and show the right respect to every single one of them, helping them out only with a little pruning of old, tired and dried branches, so that they can focus and use all their power for the building of new, fresh and strong branches. This respect, of course, applies also to the harvest of the olives of all our trees, either wild or domesticated varieties, which is being done 100% by hand, with only support nets, combs and a small handsaw but without any technical or aggressive means such as electrical forks or hitting rods, which, besides of the stress these methods bring to the tree, very often lead to tree cancer and other infections.  
Our Korogonas Ark's Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very rare and quantity limited product, due to its co-dependence with nature’s cycles. An early order from end of December will guarantee you that the product is not sold out.
The 100% natural Korogonas Ark's Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil IS a very precious, powerful product physically as well as energetically speaking, of extra high value, for all that seek only nature’s best! 
The Korogonas Ark's Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is
a perfect fit for an exclusive delicatessen meal,
as supplement and healing oil as well as
for external use for wellness, prevention
and healing purposes.
Choose this great product today and
receive all the health benefits this wonderful gift from nature has to offer...