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Korogonas Ark wild sage

The Korogonas Ark's Wild Herbs: Wild Sage Blossoms

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The Korogonas’ Ark Wild Herbs exlusively here for you!

The spiritual, eco-community Korogonas Ark is located on a high plateau close to the sea, about 90 to 160 meters above sea level in the very south of Peleponnese, Greece. Most of the lands on this plateau are either completely wild or being left by their owners with a minimum of human activity. The herbs are being collected from the very land of the Ark as well as from wild areas which are completely chemical free, hosting extra high quality wild herbs.


A Special Korogonas’ Ark Highlight: Wild Sage Blossoms

One of the very rare and special herbs that are being collected in the Ark's land is the wild sage when in full blossom. This rare speciality can be collected only once every year in very limited quantity. It is the 30-60cm long fresh branches which host the beautiful white-violet-purple blossoms, that appear, depending on the years climate, usually during March-April and are coming into full blossom for around 10-14 days only. This is the time the Korogonas’ Ark sage blossoms are being collected, where the days as close to the full moon as possible or, the very full moon day itself are choosen for harvesting. They are carefully cut and bound to small bouquets and then stored for drying upside down for at least one full month in a dark, well-ventilated place. After drying out, blossoms and the few leaves (only from the same blossom's branches) are stored in a box and packed in small zip-bags on demand. All steps are being done 100% manually with care and love and no machinery involved, whatsoever.
Compared to conventional sage leaves, the sage blossoms have a much more delicate and soft, slightly sweet taste and a very flowery aroma.
This herb-blossom tea is a real rarity and a very special taste and aroma experience for all who seek for something special, something extra healthy and energising. It is great for special occasions, as accompanier for a delicate meal, before or after a meal or simply as a wonderful refreshment for any time of the day. It can be served both, hot as well as cold and, additionally, this mixture may be also used for salads, main dishes or desserts in the inspired cuisine.

The Korogonas’ Ark

Wild Sage Blossoms are

a very special rarity practically non-existent on the global market

and available in very small quantities only!

We portion this herb-blossom rarity in small plastic bags, for reasons of logistics and practicality but we generally advice to store your herbs and foods in glass containers in a dark and cool place.
One zip-bag (14x24cm) containing 25gramms last for appr. 25-35mugs or 10-15tea-pots, depending on the pot size. Also it can last for more than one infusion, like green tea, so in fact, with adding just some more hot water delivers some more delicious tea, just a little gentler in taste...

Additional information for other usage:

Sage IS also known to be linked with human’s crown chakra, enhancing its activity and providing means for clear and fast thinking as well as connection to the higher realms. It IS not only a great gift for our taste and physical needs but at the same time very energising, uplifting and supporting for our psychological and spiritual refinement. Further more, sage can be used for clearing your space and/or items (jewellery, gem stones, crystals, pendulum, rods, healing advices etc.) which can be done either by using its hot steam, by using the infusion itself or by smudging and using its smoke.
The Korogonas’ Ark
Wild Sage Blossoms IS
an absolutely natural & chemical free product
offered to you with love and gratitude to mother nature…

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