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The Korogonas Ark's exclusive RAW FOOD SPECIAL: Wild Carob Fruit

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Korogonas Ark - Wild Carob-Beans

The Korogonas Ark's wild Carob-Fruit

IS a REAL „power-food“, a genuine delicatessen

and perfect alternative to all unhealthy, suger-filled

and/or processed Produkts such as chocolate, sweet snack bars etc.

As all natural products coming from the Korogonas Ark, the carob fruit IS a 100% natural product with no processing or cultivation aspects whatsoever (such as watering, fertilising etc.); The fruits grow completely naturally and wild on non-cultivated wild carob-trees. The fruits ripen from spring time till summer (end of July mid of August) from small green beans to bigger beans that change their shiny green colour and turn into deep chocolate brown even almost black colour. In the beginning the ripe “beans” are still quite soft but after continued ripening and dehydration they get quite crispy. They are a great snack for any time we need an extra portion of energy and minerals and they are a great companion for every outdoor activity and tours, for sports-people, trekking, at work, during study or learning periods, at school or university etc.! If they have become too crispy for once personal preference, they may be put in wet cloth for 24 hours so that they slightly hydrate again and get easily chewable.
The „beans“ are such a great „where-ever-you-go“ companion as they don’t need any cooling, packaging or other care; you can carry them as they are in a pocket or bag, they are light but full of power - a genuine power food!
The glossy and quite hard seeds, an average of 12 in number, are the so-called “carates“, which gave their name to the measure unit ct = carate = 200mg, used for diamonds, gold etc. The seeds may be crushed or passed through a coffee grinder and used as powder in any kind of dishes and provide a slightly sweet, nutty aroma.
The wild carob fruit from the Korogonas Ark IS a very nutritious 100% natural power-food with extra high nutritional value. It IS a an extra healthy product of mother nature that comes every year in very limited quantities. That IS why you should order HERE & NOW your yearly quantity as we are sold out usually long before the new seasons harvest is available.
We offer you exclusively this extra healthy and 100% natural power-food directly from the Ark in economical plastic bag 450+gr and 900+gr for a fraction of the price genuine RAW food carob products are usually tradet on the global markets. (For bigger quantities and discounts please get in touch with us, the earliest the better, as naturally the small yearly quantity is sold out very quickly!)

More Information on

"What IS Carob-Karob-Karuben-Bread of St. John?"

The carob tree in the botanic term belongs to the fabales and inside of that family to the fabaceae (legumes). Characteristics of this tree are hard wood, well suitable for fencing, wooden floors, doors etc.. Its fruit, the carob beans, provide a very nutritious and healthy, even therapeutic fruit with real power-food qualities. Besides the fruits and the wood, also the leaves and the blossoms are being used and have different, even contradictory effects on the human body when used in for therapeutic purposes.

The Blossoms

Usually the carob tree blossoms from end of September till December, depending o the region and climate. The blossoms spread an intense aroma which, when stemming from the female blossoms usually is quite sweet and may bring connections to bakery odours. The male blossoms, though, may appear for some people as rather unpleasant in their smell (although we cannot verify this). The trees usually are either male or female meaning their blossoms are single sex. The blossoms grow from the trunk and the branches usually in groups.


The fruits / beans

The pollinated blossoms grow on the female trees to big beans reaching 10-30cm length, although the wild trees usually grow fruits around 10-18cm. The fruits, are also called “beans” as they literally look like green beans and, after growing to their maximum size, they start ripening. This process keeps a few months and usually the ripe beans, after having turned from green to brown are being harvested from the beginning of August till end of September, depending on the region and climate. The beans, if not harvested, may even stay on the tree for many months thus one might see ripe last season's beans together with new, green ones on the same tree. The fruit itself is very tasty and sweet and especially in the beginning, right after getting ripe, they are quite soft. The longer the ripen the more they dehydrate meaning they also get much more crispy. The beans are very long lasting without any cooling or other means, best storage IS, of course, a dark and cool place. If well stored, the beans may be consumed even after a few years, with little loss in sweetness and aroma.
Just for the purpose of giving a more complete picture, we would like to inform you that beans, chopped beans as well as carob-wheat or powder may be roasted in order to enhance their nutty taste. this IS, of course, nothing we can recommend, as with this kind of processing many of the original healthy ingrediences will be lost.   
Attention:  The carob fruit from the Korogonas Ark come from wild, original carob trees and NOT from agricultural cultivation of any kind, either conventional or organic, bio-dynamic etc.! This IS why their fruits are extraordinarily aromatic and healthy and in terms of their nutritional value of a much higher order! Keep in mind that most carob products on the world marked come from different kinds of cultivation and mostly are processed in some way or another. The Korogonas Ark carob fruit are 100% NATURAL RAW-QUALITY POWER-FOOD, non-processed or treated in any way! That makes them a REAL extraordinary raw-power-health-food!
You may use the complete fruit of this natural product, even the seeds can be used, crushed to powder, as wheat, thickening agent, great taste enhancer in any kind of baking and cooking and, of course, also raw in all kind of dishes, desserts, smoothies etc.! The carob fruit IS a great super healthy substitute for any kind of sweets as snack per se or as sweet and aromatic ingredient in raw and cooked dishes. If they have become a little too crunchy, than simply put them over night or for 24 hours in a slightly wet cloth. This way they will hydrate and get again easily chewable.

Ingrediences & Vitamins & Minerals

The ingrediences of the wild carob fruit from the Korogonas Ark are as follows (please note that all natural products are subject to slight fluctuations and changes):
  • 40% high molecular carbon-hydrates (starch and fibres)
  • 18% low molecular carbon-hydrates (mono- and disaccharides)
  • 5% saccharose
  • pektin
  • lignin
  • pinitol
  • 8,5% proteine
  • 3,5 % minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, natrium, phosphor, pottassium, mangan, kalium and barium (traces)
  • 0,8 % fat
  • rich in polyphenols (especially tannins) and in natural antioxidants
  • vitamines A, B, B2, B3, B6 (traces) D, beta-carotene, riboflavin
  • 100gr contain 175kal
Korogonas Ark - hand with carob fruit
                                                                                          standard size 12ct wild carob bean
Specific therapeutic use according to traditional/alternative medicine and experience / effects of the carob beans:
  • regulation of the blood sugar levels
  • diarrhea
  • enteritis (inflammation of the small intestines from children)
  • respiratory system
  • prevention of heart-circulatory problems due to its tendency of:
  •    lowering of the blood-fat values*
  •    lowering of the “bad” cholesterol level*
  •    activation and enhancing of the fat burning process*
  •    lowering of the blood sugar level due to the pinitol and its hypoglycaemic characteristics, which also enhance the muscle-building activity resulting in higher performance*
  • antioxidative substances act as cell protection from free radicals
  • activating the stomach and intestines
  • benevolent effect on the flora of the intestines
  • anti-inflammatory
  • activating the immune system
  • protection from specific kinds of harmful micro-organisms
  • the tannic acids and tannins are reported to be very efficient in cases of non-infectional diarrhea; if used in high dosage though, it may have a laxative effect
  • rich in fibres, calcium and iron which makes it a product suitable for special diets
  • naturally free fom cholesterol, lactose and gluten providing therefore a perfect chocolate and sweets alternative for people with food allergies
*According to the research done by the German Institute for Nutritional Research (Deutsches Institut für Ernährungsforschung) Potsdam-Rehbrücke (DIfE) under the supervision of Dr. Corinna Koebnick, the use of carob can bring as effect a temporary lowering of the blood fat values while at the same an activation and enhancing of the fat burning process (research done with healthy test persons). As for this study only extracts of the carob fruit had been used and only for a very limited time frame, we may assume, that the regular intake of carob as whole fruit may actually enhance this tendency thus bringing more permanent results. Radiaesthetic/dowsing research in this regard has shown that in fact the regular intake of carob fruit may result in a permanent lowering of the blood-sugar level, the “bad” cholesterol level as well as the lowering of the blood fat level due to the enhancing of fat burning processes, although the latter only in a very small extent. Please note that this information IS not backed up scientifically and thus can only be looked at as “possible assumption”.
According to scientific research as well as experiential knowledge from alternative medicine, carob fruit may be used effectively against problems of the heart and circulatory system because they may reduce the values of bad cholesterol up to 20% while at the same support the „good“ cholesterol level and reducing at the same time the concentration of the triglycerides. Due to the pinitol, carob also seems to be a good choice for active sportsmen providing more muscle-building resulting in more overall performance!  
Attention: The above data have been collected and researched with the best of our abilities but none of those can be given with assurance nor are they meant to be advertising parameters of any kind or directions for acting of any kind. For more details please consult your healthcare professional or licensed nutritionist!
So, all in all we cannot more highly recommend to all of you the Korogonas Ark carob fruit which IS a real gift from mother nature, grown completely naturally in wild nature. It IS 100% left in its natural, raw structure without processing of any kind, providing a really great, healthy, raw-power-food for all lovers of special tastes, health oriented people, vegans and sportsmen!
Choose here this extraordinary nature's product with extra high nutritional value and, as it IS available only in small quantities, make sure to get your share and order HERE & NOW the quantity you need for the year, for a fraction of the price raw quality carob products are usually traded on the global markets!