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HOL Ultimate OM

the «Sound of the Heart»

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House of Light

«Sound of the Heart»


The House of Light «Sound of the Heart» synchronises us with our heart chakra and frequencies of love, compassion and peace. It also connects and synchronises us with all humans and all other kingdoms of this planet as well as with Mother Earth herself. Through the sound of the chanted -aaaaaa- through and out of our hearts a purification of our heart chakra occurs, it gets energised and activated and thus opened. This helps us in being more open and receptive for incoming energies of love empowering us at the same time for outstreaming of our very love and compassion frequencies into the worlds and mother Earth herself!
Especially now, in these times of great global changes, awakening, purification and healing, a more active role in enhancing our personal and global self-awareness is more needed than ever before. It is ideal for use on February 14th, the World Sound Healing Day, as well as for personal and group work any time of the year!
Therefore, choose here the House of Light «Sound of the Heart» as a simple and very efficient tool for your personal good as well as for planetary service and use it preferably with your loved ones and/or friends. It will always be a very uplifting, refreshing, energising and healing experience for all, any time, any place!
The House of Light «Sound of the Heart» combines polyphonic voice recording with gentle guidance of electronic tambura.

voice: alexandros m. pfaff, music: electronic tambura

Duration: 56minutes


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