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I offer with pleasure to the House of Light!

Donations to the House of Light

Dear friends, with every purchase from the House of Light e-shop you already support us but if you may wish to actively and directly support us with your precious energies of any kind and/or a monetary donation, feel welcome to do so here via the e-shop. Thank you all!

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to the House of Light

Beloved friends,

you may here support actively the unconditional planetary service we are providing through the House of Light by making your personal contribution with a donation. We are greatful for any amount you would like to offer for the support of our service work. You may also support us with your active work e.g. in translation work, communication matters etc. or get directly involved in active service work by participating in actions and projects we run, often in cooperation with the non-profit-organisation the spiral. Main target of those actions and projects are global education, human values and personal development.

As everybody knows for a fact there are available exactly 24 hours per day which makes time a crucial factor and a precious value which seems to become shorter with everyday that passes. With your active participation our servicework will become much greater and more efficient, reaching all the more people!

Service IS anyway something that inevitably comes as a necessity for all those who enter consciously their spiritual path and it will find it's way of expression the more one has done progress on the ascension path. 

We ARE here, on this beautiful blue planet for service!

This cannot though really be understood nor experienced and lived as a fact and necessity before reaching a certain point on one's personal path. So if you asked someone about service you would mostly get an answer like I do not serve anyone or I am only the servant of myself. These expressions show the almost complete absence of Soul-contact, not to mention contact with the Monad. To BE precise, there IS NO SERVICE OF SELF, as in truth there IS no self but only Oneness, All That IS.

Everything IS connected with everything and nothing can loosen itself from the other


thus service only for thy self IS simply illusion! But until you reach this oneness-consciousness there will always remain a bigger or smaller part of self-delusion and separation consciousness. Even if people are still entrapped there they often get into service work the one or the other way, which mostly is not unconditional as they may believe but conditional, for personal agendas of different sorts. You would be surprised if you saw how many times service IS actually rooted in some sort of self-satisfaction, feeding the ego! So, although this may on the one hand be a little lie, without the personality knowing, of course, on the other hand it often does actually help the person to proceed on their path! Thus it IS finally a great thing to get into service work, because it usually has a positive impact on both, the one who provides the service and the one who receives, even if there may be a hidden, unknown ego-based reason for it!

If you would like to offer your precious energies of any kind to the House of Light please feel welcome to do so! You can also may make your donation here, via the "product" donations (simply put the desired amount in the field and clicl "add to cart") or via bank transfer to

WISE - Belgium

alexander martin pfaff


IBAN: BE33 9672 6517 6946

or communicate with us for any other kind of personal support or involvement in our actions and projects.

At this point we would also like to thank all of you who have been supporting us in the past up to date:

Thank you so much and many blessings to all of you!

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