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Dowsing, Radiaesthesia & Geopathology - Rayprotection


House of Light

Dowsing, Radiaesthesia & Geopathology - Rayprotection

The House of Light belongs to a quite small number of schools, that provide fully professional, responsible and detailed examination of your space for all to date known types of radiation as well as in depth education. This includes all known types of natural radiation, positive and negative, as well as artificial radiation known as electrosmog, caused by technology. We use the classical way of dowsing for our examinations but if asked for, we can also provide a professional examination on electromagnetic fields (nanotesla) and electricity radiation (volt/meter). Dowsing for positive radiation is as important as is for negative radiation, if you keep in mind that with the use of positive radiation the ancient Greeks in their Asklipeia (therapy-spaces) as well as other highly evolved cultures did preventive treatment, rebalancing and healing. Any well trained diviner or geopathologist may confirm that these places still have tremendous therapeutic abilities due to their intense positive radiation!

All examinations can also be done remotely by the use of a map or plan but this option should only be taken into consideration if an in situ examination is not possible. Please contact us for further information and appointments via phone or email. We will be glad to providing you the highest quality service possible!

We provide also tested, and with love handcrafted products for dowsing (one hand rods / tensors, L-rods) as well as the legendary HOL RayTransformer which combine perfect shielding and transformation of all negative radiation types with the effect of harmonising and positively energising and activating your space! They come in 7 sizes to meet all possible needs. These devices have earned the full confidence of thousands of users all over the world. Why it IS so? Well, give it a try yourself, as you have nothing to loose but lots to gain, due to our full money back guarantee...