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RAC Raycleaner large - One for All

RAC Raycleaner Large




House of Light

Radiation Protection

RAC Raycleaner Large Size

The large size RAC Raycleaner is the perfect solution for flats and houses up to 1.540m2 on one level and 140m2 on two levels (with the ceiling being not higher than 3.00m). It is a low cost solution for all small and medium sized flats providing 100% protection against harmful radiation plus it harmonises and energises your space! It may be easily installed by yourself, following the included manual.

The great advantages of the RAC Raycleaner are its multiple effects:

1. It is 100% effective against all kinds of geopathic stress (with origin the earth),

2. against atmospheric and cosmic radiation,

3. against electro-atomic radiation,

4. against radioactive radiation,

5. against electro-smog (e.g. electric and electronic devices, powersupply cables, transformators, trsnasistors, cordless phones, mobiles/cell-phones, mobil-networks, antennas, radar, HAARP, ELF, mind-control-technologies etc.)

6. it harmonises & energises,

7. does not require any electricity,

8. does not need to be cleaned or de-loaded,

9. it is and remains a genuine jewel that consists of brass with a platinum layer which, besides its energetical effects, keeps it ever shining and great looking!

The RAC Raycleaner has been multiply tested on its efficiency as room-device as well as personal-medallion at the German Life Test Institute where it has achieved the best possible results! You may see the complete testing rows in detail here: http://www.life-testinstitut.de/news15.htm

The RAC Raycleaner belongs to the best products on the market and it is one of the best value for money choices as it combines a big range of positive effects like only very few. We give you a full 6-week money-back-guarantee if you are not completely satisfied! We can do this because we know for a fact that our device works as advertised! You need only ONE device, the RAC Raycleaner which provides effectivity in all your rooms that are within its range, when usually you would need multiple other devices for the different purposes, sometimes even multiple devices for even one room! And remember, what is really unique is the extra boost you get for harmonisation and energising of the space and all subjects within!

The RAC Raycleaner IS THE SOLUTION and a real great value for money decision! Test it NOW and be 100% protected against all kinds of harmful radiation plus being harmonised and energised at all times. You have really nothing to loose but lots to gain for you personally, for your family, pets and plants…

Make your choice here and now and
buy this great value for money ray-protection and
get the RAC Raycleaner in just a few days right to your home and enjoy its benefits.



I purchased years ago the big RAC and then also the small, personal one which I eversince carry with me. I have not come across anything like the RAC in terms of perfect protection from all and any kind of harmul radiation. Especially geopathic stress zones and the mobile did not have any negative impact on me any more and this was something that I felt and experienced from the very first moment. The RAC is maybe the best investment I have ever done in my life, no joke!