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The House of Light  Professional one hand rod with fixed antenna length

Professional one hand rod with fixed antenna length

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The House of Light

Professional one hand rod with fixed antenna length

The professional one hand rod "basic" with the NEW handle type and fixed antenna lenght, is a handcrafted quality product, made in Germany!

The most convenient tool for professional dowsing, especially for search of energy grids and all kinds of geopathic zones, as well as for ley lines and power places with positive energies IS the one-hand-rod. This basic version has an antenna that is fixed in its length and suitable for most dowsers as it is neither too fast or hard in response nor to slow or soft! It is a great alround dowsing tool for all dowsing purposes.



The Antenna is connected to and may be separated from the handle by a brass precision connection. The antenna is made of a high quality steel, a compromise between hardness and softness, to ensure excellent responsiveness combining the needed flexibility with good stiffness. A too hard antenna would result in easily breaking antennas while a too soft one would tend to bend and deform. In case you give too strong impulses, even the best antennas may break so it is recommended to train your hand impulse to be moderate. In case of a broken antenna (which personally we have not yet experienced in years of practical use) there are single antennas available as spare parts.

(brass precision connection at front & back)

The handle is handcrafted with noble woods such as wild olive and ebony and we can deliver also almost any other wood on demand. The olive wood specifically originates from wild olive trees, from the small high-lands Korogonas close to the sea in the south of Lakonia, Peloponnese. Please choose your preferred wood type in the box top-right. In the "remarks" box during check-out, you can also state your special preference for the wild olive wood handles, as they may vary in colour very much from calm beige-grey, to beige-yellow up to very vivid beige with light/dark brown and even black colours (see picture above). Please note that wood is a living product and every order we receive from the producer may vary in wood colours and appearence. We will ship the closed colours available.

The handle has for better energy flow and more intense feeling of the incoming energies a hollowed out interior which is filled with light metal-wool that connects the front with the back brass thread. This assures also a better connection and feeling to used accessories such as pointers etc.

There are also special accessories available such as pointers, testing plates etc. that are being connected to the back thread of the handle.

(photo: handle with connection cable and pointer, wood: Ebony)


Please do not hesitate

to contact us for special requests!


Get your professional dowsing rod hand made in Germany,

tested and used over years from dowsing masters in many countries

directly from the House of Light Hellas,

the experts in geopathology

& master dowsers.





Er ist angekommen und gefällt mir super. Wirklich ein schönes Holz und toll verarbeitet. Danke für die schnelle Lieferung!

Translation by admin:
It has arrived and I like very much. It is really wonderful wood, greatly crafted. Thank you for the fast delivery!

Μετάφραση από admin:
Έφτασε και μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ. Πραγματικά όμορφο ξύλο και τέλεια επεξεργασμένο. Ευχαριστώ για την γρήγορη αποστολή!