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L-Antenna-Dowsing Rods

The HOL Antenna-Rod S and the HOL Antenna-Rod L (set) fit all and any needs from the beginner to the professional dowser.
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The House of Light

L-Antenna Dowsing-Rods

THE classical tool for all dowsers!


We have created two antenna type models (S & L) with a plain antenna, suitable for all signal strengths, for beginners as well as for professional dowsers.

We distinguish two different types of antenna rods: The “simple” ones and the ones with double handle, where the signal showing antenna is moving freely inside of an extra handle-tube. In our 25-year-long experience we tend to choose the plain type because in practice, the freely moving antenna types are not at all convenient in use, as the slightest movement, e.g. when walking, as well as just a little breeze can move and thus significantly influence the signal and spoil the outcome! Whoever has no strong enough signal for a plain antenna rod, maybe should start working on that first with special exercises instead of using rods that may “help” in getting wrong answers! For that reason, we do not offer any models of the free moving antenna type.

The HOL Antenna-Rods we have created come in two different models, the HOL Antenna-Rod S and the HOL Antenna-Rod L (set) and they fit all and any needs from the beginner to the professional dowser. They are made with brass-tubes and stainless endpieces.
Brass-tubes are good conductors and with their doubled surface, compared to rods made from massive wire, the incoming signal is being enhanced significantly. Additionally, brass is much harder than the very soft pure copper, which, even though being a better conductor, is simply much too soft. The same is true for aluminium rods, which are not only very soft but also very light and only for absolute beginners and only indoors usable, while at the same time being quite unpleasant as a feel in the hands.


Flexibility in action:

Both, the HOL Antenna-Rod S and the HOL Antenna-Rod L can be equipped with additional weight, if needed, simply by adding a solid copper-wire to the inside. This can be done by simply unscrewing the front-end and inserting the wire into the tubes.

The angle of the HOL Antenna-Rods is 65°, specially chosen for a relaxed work, the length is ca. 38+12cm, for the L-model plus 4cm when changing and inserting the longer front end-piece. From our practice we can say, that a handle between 60 and 70° is ideal for antenna rods, as this ensures a relaxed hand-position according to human anatomy. The models with 80°+ handles tend to force the dowser’s hands to a very inconvenient und unnatural position, resulting in tension, stress and tiredness while working. Also, any tension may naturally block the free flow of incoming signals so having a handle with 80°+ may result in incorrect answers, especially for those with lower signal sensitivity, but, for sure, it will result in more tension for just keeping the rods parallel to the ground and thus in quicker tiredness for all users…


The HOL Antenna-Rod S:


The HOL Antenna-Rod S consists of 4mm brass-tubes with stainless round-head screws at the ends. The front piece is significantly longer and can be unscrewed for about 3cm in order to add a little weight when needed.

These rods have been created as light and simple antenna rods for all users, beginners and professional dowsers alike and especially those with lower signal-sensitivity, will find these rods to be a very convenient and reliable tool for everyday use. Beside the unscrewing of the front-piece, one can add more weight by inserting a copper-wire into the brass tubes. This will make the rods more convenient for outside works, as they will be much less sensitive to wind-influence. In case of loosening the end-screws, they must be retightened ONLY by hand, in order to not damage the inner windings of the soft brass-tube.
Anyone having a very strong signal who tends to work mostly outside, should think about choosing the HOL Antenna-Rod L-set.



HOL Antenna-Rod L-set:

The HOL Antenna-Rod L-set consists of 6mm tubes with stainless Allen screws as end-pieces. It comes with two additional Allen long-screws, which can be used in exchange of the existing short ones, in order to significantly change the response of these rods.

The weight of the HOL Antenna-Rod L does make them the prefect out-door solution, even in difficult weather conditions. If the extra weight of the longer end piece is not enough, they can also be equipped with additional copper wire, by simply inserting the wire into the tubes. Please note that in case of loosening the end-screws, they must be retightened ONLY by hand, in order to not damage the inner windings of the soft brass-tube.

The HOL Antenna-Rod L is due to their weight the perfect tool for all professional dowsers as well as all beginners who have a quite strong signal.
(Attention: These rods are NOT suitable for beginners or dowsers with low signal!)



Er ist angekommen und gefällt mir super. Wirklich ein schönes Holz und toll verarbeitet. Danke für die schnelle Lieferung!

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It has arrived and I like very much. It is really wonderful wood, greatly crafted. Thank you for the fast delivery!

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Έφτασε και μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ. Πραγματικά όμορφο ξύλο και τέλεια επεξεργασμένο. Ευχαριστώ για την γρήγορη αποστολή!