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The official House of Light Meditation  M3: «The Night Therapy»

M3: «The Night Therapy»





The official House of Light Meditation

M3: «The Night Therapy»

This IS a meditation for beginners as well for advanced students. Close your day with this meditation and get perfectly prepared for the night, leaving out all imbalanced and negative energies that may have logged in your system during daytime and that would be a burden for you during the night hours. Enjoy deep and rejuvenating sleep and forget all drugs or other substances that you may believed you needed to relax and fall asleep! Regain deep and healthy sleep and receive all kinds of extra clearings, adjustments, anchoring, activations and therapy you need each moment of your life, during the night hours when you sleep. Get all this assistance from your personal MAP Healing Team of the Inner Plane Medical Assistance Programme that consists of your Monad, Master and Angel Healers, as well as Galactic Healers and Pan. Receive this 22 minutes short night preparation and do not mind at all if you fall asleep before finishing it! The over 300 of positive I AM invocations and affirmations will effectively re-program your subconscious mind and the given dispensations will prepare you perfectly for a blessed sleep! Please make sure though that you will consciously do this meditation at least ones (the first time) as you are asked to give permission to your healing team for all necessary dispensations and healings and to agree the desired time frame for that.

Say good bye to insomnia, unrest, bad dreams and tiredness in the morning! In case you are dealing with a chronic situation that will not pass even by the regular use of this mediation, you may need to seek assistance of a well trained dowser / geopathologist, for it IS likely that you are exposed to intense geopathic stress zones and /or other harmful radiation! Another source could be items that are physically in your place that hold negative energies and/or may be "receivers" of negive energies used by other people or entities to keep imbalanced contact with you. In this case you should ask for guidance (from your Soul & Monad) to find and eliminate the source or seek professional assistance by a trusted healer who IS specialized in this field. (For further information on these matters please contact us at the House of Light, as we are specialists in these fields).

So, my friends,

welcome to a new "dream-world"

that will support you in your daily lives

and on your personal ascension path...

music: snow falling on silence by Marina Raye

duration: 22:30

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