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House of Light

Integrated Spiritual Counseling

Each House of Light Spiritual Counseling Session IS a real gift that you make to yourself, based on the science of self-knowledge and spiritual psychology. It IS designed for people who either want to accelerate their personal ascension process with safety and guidance or for people that need emotional, mental and psychological support for their current life lessons. Aim of the sessions IS to find and address erroneous and imbalanced subconscious mind programming and patterns that need to be replaced in order to bring conscious harmony and balance into each persons life. EMPOWERMENT IS one of the keywords and actions that are being used so that everyone BE empowered as quickly as possible and thus with  few instructions able to handle their life consciously and gracefully on their own!

If you are open-minded enough, able and willing to accept and hold your personal power in life and BE responsible for all things that happen and come into your life, then we will BE more than happy to assist you in achieving all that IS needed to bring balance and harmony into every aspect of your life. 

Take advantage of our long experience in all life areas that have to BE addressed with a holistic and integrated approach to man's/women's life challenges. Our fully holistic and integrated approach will bring light in many yet shaded areas that sometimes just need a little twist from each of us in terms of perception. Get exactly this twist and start changing yourself in the ways you need to change in order to attract and bring to manifestation all the things that you love to live and experience in your life.

The House of Life Integrated Counseling Session is greatly enhanced if combined with alternative healing sessions and/or meditation practice as given by the instructor (such as the HOL guided meditation series and ascension activation meditation series).

Your contribution for this service is 60Euros (up to one hour). Usually each session will bring in a very short time the desired positive changes, if you are willing to also DO YOUR part as homework! This IS an inevitable detail as noone will ever proceed and go anywhere if they do not get active themselves and instead wait for others to rescue them!

So, if you are willing to DO your part also and if you are also willing to FACE those parts of yourself that need to BE addressed and changed in order to let you proceed, than we are more than happy to assist you to achieve exactly this!

If you like, you can also meet us without any oblication, for free, for a brief first connection and talk via phone or internet and then decide, if our energy "fits" to you to proceed for more...



to the House of Light

integrated spiritual counseling,

welcome to a new chapter in YOUR LIFE!

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