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Ray Reading



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House of Light

Ray Reading Session

Purpose of a Ray Reading IS to get a deeper insight and understanding of yourself and your current life as you have lived and experienced it until now. By gaining knowledge on which Ray your bodies, personality, Soul and Monad are located you will be able to better understand the "why's" of life events, changes etc. as well as the "how's" to get in the active position of your vehicles (multibody-system) as pilot. You will be able to find strengths and weaknesses and thus to form a battle plan how to better and wiser use your strengths (without overemphasising on them!) and how to turn your weaknesses and disadvantages into powerful advantages and skills! You may also find out why certain things did or do not flow in your life because you have not been in your life's mission. Use your new knowledge to get things going for you by applying the necessary changes in all areas, one after the other.

This session is a remote session which is being scheduled after receiving from you your booking and all necessary data (via email): Full name, date of birth, father's & mother's name, current place of living, occupation (optional). Within 7-10 days after your booking you will receive all data of your personal reading via email. After that, a phone or skype meeting is scheduled to explain and discuss the results and give some hints and insight for what the next steps should be! This is a very strong session for all of you who want to speed up your ascension process and overcome with grace in quickly karmic bonds instead of wasting years or maybe even a complete incarnation!


What exactly will I get from this reading?

Now here IS what you get:

This session provides you all information concerning your ray configuration (for your physical/etheric, astral/emotional-, mental body, your personality, sould and monad)

the 8 basic quotients (light, love, Christ-Consciousness, psychological wisdom, negative ego transcendence, integration & balance, service work & spiritual leadership, initiation level) which is all being sent to your email inbox, as well as

a briefing and spiritual counselling session via phone or skype for questions and answers (around 30min).


Additional Quotients:

You may also like to book further quotients for life topics that you need to monitor in order to apply the necessary measures. Up to 10 additional quotients can be booked by using the upper check-box. Please send us beforehand the subjects you need to check via email to info[at]house-of-light.gr so that we can include them in our reading.

Take advantage of this service to get into your driver's seat (again). Use this provided knowledge in combination with the ray wisdom in order to proceed to highly effective changes by using the ray energies and flames as an active doer and pilot yourself instead of a being a driven co-pilot with no influence on the vehicle's direction. Become more effective than ever and boost yourself up the spiritual ladder...


If this sounds great, well,  then welcome my friends, book here and now and prepare yourself for a new speed and quality on your personal ascension path!


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