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Korogonas Ark summer retreat

House of Light "Peace Whole Living Retreat"

The House of Light "Peace Whole Living Retreat": Participate in lectures on "Peace Whole Living", spiritual and psychological subjects, creativity sessions, dance therapy & physical exercises, meditation, chanting & praying, Tai Chi and many other fun outdoor activities, always, of course, by your own choice!


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The House of Light "Holistic Detox Retreat"
on the lands of the Korogonas Ark, Lakonia, Peloponnese


to participate in interactive training-modules and activities,
which inspire, support and strenghten my personal experience of and living in
based on deap inner knowledge, as well as on uplifting spiritual, mental, emotional und physical experiences
and great plant-based foods for an over-all holistic detox
inmids of untouched, paradisian nature!»

this idea?


Well, then the House of Light Hellas has exactly the right summer-parcel for YOU right at hand:
The "Holistic Detox Retreat", which invites all of YOU this summer to the lands of the "Korogonas Ark",
who WANT to live and experince something more substantial and valuable, than an average beach holiday could possibly offer!
► You will participate in lectures on peace whole living, spiritual and psychological subjects, meditation and physical exercises, chanting and praying, alternative healing therapies Tai Chi, creativity sessions and many other fun outdoor activities, always, of course, by your own choice!
Wanna sleep till noon? Fine, just do it and start your day maybe with a refreshing swim, no apologies to anyone!
Wanna get into a more intense rhythm and get all possible gifts this vacation has to offer you? Ok then, start early in the morning with greeting the sun at sunrise and continue with Tai Chi or the basic morning meditation where alexandros will take you on a spiritual journey…
And this IS just the start into the day!
Well, you are going to love the program filled with activities taking place in the wonderful nature of the Ark and beyond...
Again, we welcome everybody to the 2017 "Peace-Whole-Living Retreat" from the House of Light Hellas, yes, also and especially beginners who somehow have sensed an inner urge to choose their spiritual boost. Even if you think you are not really into all that stuff listen to your small voice within and follow your call!
Spoken language of this vacation shall be English & Greek, (although we may address individual subjects also in German, as we are native German speakers as well).
Of course, you will have enough free time for relaxing, swimming, sunbathing, trecking, hiking, biking, discovering the area, discussing, reading, etc. and also for a variety of available extra sessions that you may book individually:
You may choose from therapeutic/healing sessions (e.g. reiki, creative healing, angelic treatments, crystal therapy, singing bowls & tuning forks, detoxification, massage, radiaesthesia/dowsing, bioresonance and many others.), hypnosis, readings and counseling.

Moreover, an introductory special seminar Dolphin Moves is highly recommended to those wishing to penetrate deeper into self discovery through subtle body movements given forth by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

So, if this does not sound great than what? And to quote a beloved friend: IS this great or great?!

(I AM sure, some of you know exactly who this friend IS... :-)

Let's see some practical information now:

► Accommodation:

You may choose to stay in your own tent inside the property or in your own caravan, if you decided travelling with it. The Ark provides watersupply (cold and hot water), outdoor showers, bio-toilets (compost). All participants will be equally responsible for keeping all facilities clean and tidy. The Ark also provides fresh water and 220/240V power supply for your gadgets, PCs etc.. Please bring with you anything you may need for “wild” camping such as sleeping bag, tent, towels, torch-light, sneakers, beach wear and also bio-degradable organic beauty and health care products as the grey water is reused for watering. In case you have none or no time to purchase them, we can provide you great hand made products...


There is also the possibility of extending your stay after the official departure date. (Please do inform us as soon as you know.)

► How to find us:

From abroad you take a flight to Athens or come by ferry via Patras. You head for Sparta, Molaoi, Papadianika and you are almost here! Please contact us well in advance for detailed information, bus connections etc.; all guests will be provided with a PDF "how to come to Korogonas' Ark" so it will be easy for all to find us!

► Food suggestions/Nutrition:

The program is integrated and holistic which means that it contains an extra healthy and powerful vegan peace-food-diet, twice a day. Most ingredients come from natural and & or organic farming and are prepared freshly every day. Throughout the day, everybody may get themselves a little snack like fruits while being on tour on the beaches or the surrounding areas…


► The program for this year includes:

  ♥ 7 days/nights (tent, caravan, conté eco-rooms, studio extra arrangement with local hotels/guest houses)

  ♥ Participation in all group activities such as:

  ♥ modules on "Holistic Detox"

  ♥ group building & empowerment

  ♥ visual arts & creativity

  ♥ meditations & visualisations

  ♥ mantras & prayers

  ♥ Tai Chi

  ♥ Yoga

  ♥ dance therapy and Japanese techniques for physical activations and soul-issue realisations (butoh)

  ♥ singing & dancing with YOUR music (please bring along your instruments)

  ♥ poetry & movie evenings & readings (please bring along texts & poems to share)

  ♥ group healing

  ♥ swimming, beach games

  ♥ experiencing nature, trecking

  ♥ half board extra healthy and powerful vegan peace food diet


► extras (which can be booked on site according to individual needs):

♥ healing sessions (energy healing, sound healing, orgon therapy, readings, systemic constellation a.o.)

♥ detox

♥ bioresonance 

♥ counseling etc.


In case you cannot take enough time off your work there is the option of a shorter stay, with a minimum of three days. (The overall cost lowers accordingly.) Since the number of participants is limited, you are kindly requested to book your participation as soon as possible.

For reservation a 50% per person deposit has to be made until July 30th. In the end of the workshop/vacations you are being asked to decide your final contribution to the Korogonas Ark project.

For details of your arrival, departure and contribution please call or send us an email.


or by phone: +30 210 5616300, mobile: +30 6938 141330, +30 6934 777489

We look forward to seeing you!
many blessings


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