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HOL MEGA RayTransformer XXL

HOL GIGA Raytransformer XXL



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Full RAY Protection

from all harmful radiation

HOL GIGA Raytransformer XXL

One for ALL!!!

The XXL size HOL GIGA Raytransformer is our second biggest Raytransformer with an already huge active field!

It is the perfect solution for multi-floor houses and big buildings such as hotels, hospitals, big villas, factories, enterprises, farms etc.

The HOL GIGA Raytransformer XXL covers 26.300m2 (6,57 acres) on one level and in "human height" (1,80m measured at the edges of the active field) it covers over 21.800m2 (5,4acres)! Its overall vertical cover is 39,50m (129ft), meaning it can easily cover multistore buildings up to 15 floors! It IS the absolutely perfect solution for (eco)communities, farms with focus on agriculture and/or animal farming, big villas with gardens, sport and health care facilities with indoor and/or outdoor areas, hospitals, schools, public spaces etc.

The HOL GIGA Raytransformer XXL is THE ultra low cost solution for all big buildings and areas both, private and public! The HOL GIGA Raycleaner XXL is quite massive in size which you can see in the photo below and it is still a really impressive and wonderfully elegant, decorative object, wherever it is being placed...

The XXL-size HOL GIGA Raytransformer is providing 100% protection against harmful radiation plus it harmonises and energises not only indoor spaces but also outdoor spaces. Its positive effect is not only felt and appreciated by sentient beings such as humans and animals but also by the plant kingdom as well as the microorganisms in the soil, enhancing plant and crop growth, better crop quality as well as bigger quantity harvests! It may be easily installed by yourself, following the included manual. The maximum range of 26.300m2 (in a circle) can be fully used by farmers while for home and building protection the human "factor" is being applied, here with an average hight of 1,80m at the field's edges, thus the overall range reaches out to still impressive 21.800m2. You can distinguish its massive size on the photos below.

Wherever even bigger areas over 3 times the field of the GIGA XXL are needed to be covered, one should consider the much bigger solution we have for you:

The HOL TERRA Raytransformer 7XXL! The biggest HOL Raytransformer covers up to 192.000sqm (47,44 acres)...


HOL GIGA RAYtransformer XXL


The great advantages of the HOL Raytransformer are its multiple effects in its literally huge energy-field:

1. It is 100% effective against all kinds of geopathic stress (with origin the earth),

2. against atmospheric and cosmic radiation,

3. against electro-atomic radiation,

4. against radioactive radiation,

5. against electro-smog (e.g. electric and electronic devices, power-supply cables, transformers, transistors, microwaves, X-rays, CT, cordless phones, mobiles/cell-phones, mobile-networks, 5G, antennas, radar, HAARP, ELF, mind-control-technologies etc.)

6. it harmonises & energises,

7. does not require any electricity,

8. does not need to be cleaned or re-loaded,

9. it is and remains a genuine jewel that consists of platinum*-plated brass where the platinum layer keeps it ever shining and great looking,

and, last but not least,

10. it enhances plant and crop growth when used in farming sites, gardens etc...

HOL RAYtransformer Family

The HOL GIGA Raytransformer XXL belongs in this field to the best products on the market and it is maybe the best value for money choice as it combines a big range of positive effects like no other. We give you a full 8-week money-back-guarantee if you are not completely satisfied! We can do this because we know for a fact and from many clients from all over the world that our device works as advertised!

You need only ONE device, the HOL GIGA Raytransformer XXL which provides effectiveness against all kinds of harmul radiation in all your rooms, spaces, indoor and outdoor areas that are within its range, when usually you would need multiple devices for the different purposes, sometimes even multiple devices or even one device for every room! And remember, what is really unique is the extra boost you get for harmonisation and energising of the space and all subjects and living species within!

*As you propably know, Rhodium is for years now being traded at 7-15 times the price of Platinum. This makes it one of the most expensive and most precious metals on the planet. If this is for you no obstacle and you would like to own a Rhodium plated GIGA XXL and as such an even greater and more luxurious jewel, than order your HOL Raytransformer by clicking on "Rhodium" in the check-box above. If it is not available at the moment, please contact us for a special order, which may take an additional 8-10 days to be electroplated for you. Please note, that, due to dramtaic changes on the metal trading markets, we will have to ckeck first with our electro-plater and give you the final addional price for the special order! Also note, that with Rhodium plating the device cannot be returned to us with money-back.guarantee!

The HOL GIGA Raytransformer XXL IS THE SOLUTION and a real best value for money decision! Test it NOW and be 100% protected against all kinds of harmful radiation plus being harmonised and energised at all times. You have really nothing to loose but lots to gain for you personally, for your family, pets and plants…

Make your choice here and now and buy the best value for money ray-protection you can get on the market and get the original HOL Raytransformer in just a few days right to your home, office, hotel, farm etc. and fully enjoy its benefits, with a full 8-week-money-back-guarantee!




All statements made on the technical aspects and way of impacting harmful radiation, in a legal sense, are being declared as ASSUMPTIONS, as they are not (yet) fully scientifically provable according to western science. They are based, though, on esoteric knowledge beyond science which all the more is eventually being proved true by western science as well!
All statements made on health issues, symptoms, wellbeing etc. shall for the same reason be declared as ASSUMPTIONS as well, although we have uncountable proof of very positive effects in practice, by people with severe symptoms and/or illnesses, as well as from highly positive impact on animals (pets and farm-animals) suffering from harmful radiation.
The HOL Raytransformer does not replace the opinion and advice of your medical doctor and/or health professional, nor is it meant as healing device per se.


HOL RAYtransformer Logo

Ich teste seit gut einer Woche den HOL Raytransformer travel S+. Das ist das erste Gerät, welches für mich eine spürbare Verbesserung bewirkt. Ich habe in den letzten Jahren schon einiges ausprobiert, aber so richtig gebracht hatte mir bisher keines der getesteten Teile etwas.
Ich möchte nicht behaupten, dass die anderen Geräte nichts bewirken würden, aber für mich war es witzlos, für möglicherweise nur eingebildete Minimaleffekte Geld auszugeben, denn ich bin seit 7 Jahren schwer bis extrem elektrohypersensibel.
Die Wirkung der Raytransformers baut sich langsam auf und hat bei mir bisher folgende spürbare Änderungen bewirkt:
erholsamerer Schlaf, keine kalten Füße mehr und die Empfindlichkeit gegen die definitiv nach wie vor vorhandene Strahlung (Mobilfunkmast mit 25 Sendern (incl. Tetra-Funk und LTE) und Smartphone - mehr gibt's hier nicht) hat merklich nachgelassen.
Merklich ist bei mir wörtlich zu nehmen, da ich es bisher (z.T. innerhalb von Minuten) gemerkt habe, wenn jemand heimlich ein Handy mit ins Haus brachte (ist bei mir untersagt, bekomme schnell Kopfschmerzen davon).
Dieses Phänomen verschwindet gerade - ich beobachte es weiter.

Translation by admin:
I am testing for one week now the HOL Raytransformer Travel S+. It is the first device, which has brought me a feelable improvement. I have already tried quite some things but without any of them bringing any mentionable improvement. I do not want to claim that all these devices are not working at all, but for me they have been completely useless and pointless, to pay money for maybe minimal effects, that may even have been just in my imagination. I am for seven Years now highly to extremely ‘electro-hyper-sensitive’.
The effect of the HOL Raytransformer is building itself up and has so far resulted in the following feelable changes:
Recreational sleep, no cold feet anymore and a noticeable decrease of radiation sensitivity from the still existing radiation (mobile phone antennas with 25 different transmitters (incl. Tetra radio and LTE and smartphone – that*’s all that is here).
In my case “noticeable” has to be taken by the very meaning of the word, because before using the HOL RayTransformer I was feeling (usually in just a few minutes), if somebody had sneaked in with a hidden cell-phone (which is actually forbidden in my place, as I become from them headache very quickly). This phenomenon is disappearing right now, I am carefully watching it further.

Μετάφραση από admin:
Έχω λάβει τον HOL Raytransformer Travel S+ και το δοκιμάζω τώρα εδώ και μια εβδομάδα. Πρόκειται για την πρώτη συσκευή η οποία μου έχει φέρει μια αισθητή βελτίωση.
Έχω δοκιμάσει τα τελευταία χρόνια πολλές άλλες συσκευές όμως καμία δε μου είχε φέρει κάποια αισθητή διαφορά. Δε θέλω να πω πως οι άλλες συσκευές δεν λειτουργούν καθόλου, απλά για εμένα ήταν κάπως χαζό να ξοδέψω χρήματα για κάτι που δεν επιφέρει αισθητές διαφορές, και εάν, μόνο ίσως ελάχιστες που μπορεί να ήταν και απλά μέσα στη φαντασία μου. Είμαι εδώ και 7 χρόνια βαριά έως ακραία ηλέκτρο-υπέρ-ευαίσθητη.
Η επίδραση του HOL Raytransformer κτίζεται σιγά σιγά και έχει επιφέρει έως τώρα σε εμένα τις εξής αισθητές βελτιώσεις:
Ξεκούραστο ύπνο, τέλος στα κρύα πόδια και η ευαισθησία στην ακτινοβολία από κεραίες (κινητής τηλεφωνίας με συνολικά 25 μεταδότες συμπεριλαμβανομένων ΤETRA και LTE και smart-phone – περισσότερα δεν υπάρχουν εδώ) έχει αισθητά μειωθεί.
‘Αισθητά’ εννοώ κατά λέξη, μια και μέχρι τώρα μπορούσα να νιώσω μέσα σε λίγα λεπτά εάν κάποιος είχε φέρει κρυφά ένα κινητό στο σπίτι (που απαγορεύεται στο σπίτι μου αφού μου δημιουργεί πολύ σύντομα πονοκεφάλους). Αυτό το φαινόμενο τώρα εξαφανίζεται - συνεχίζω να το παρακολουθώ…

Ich hatte schon seit Jahren den RAC Raycleaner als ständigen Begleiter, sowohl für zu Hause als auch für unterwegs und ihn dann gegen den neuen Raytransformer S+ eingetauscht. Weil ich voll begeistert mit dem kleinen war, haben wir uns nun für unser Gut den ganz großen GIGA zugelegt und was soll ich sagen, wir sind alle begeistert: Nicht nur sind alle der Familie im Haus voll geschützt, sondern auch unsere Tiere, der Garten, Gemüsegarten und unsere Felder. Und darüberhinaus ist der GIGA ein echter Hingucker, von dem alle unserer Besucher und Freunde beeindruckt sind... Am Anfang, war er uns ein bisschen intensiv und so mussten wir einen Platz finden, der weit genug entfernt von unseren Betten war, um nachts nicht voller Energie wach zu liegen. Jetzt haben wir den idealen Platz gefunden und schlafen perfekt, sind morgens super ausgeruht und tagsüber immer voll vital, trotz einiger Geopathien im Haus und trotz Mobílfunk und praktisch ständigem WLAN. Kaufempfehlung auf voller Front!!!

Translation by admin:
I have already had the RAC Raycleaner for many years as my accompaniment, both, for home use as well as on the go and I have exchanged it just recently with the new HOL Raytransformer S+. Because I was fully enthusiastic with the small one we ordered for our land the XXL GIGA model and what can I say, we are all enthusiastic about it: Not only are all family members fully protected, but also our animals, gardens, vegetable plantation and fields. Beside of this, the GIGA is really a eye-catcher which leaves a great impression on all our guests. At the beginning it was a little bit strong for us, so we had to find a place far enough from our beds, so as to not get over-energized and stay awake at nights. Now we have found the right spot for it, we sleep very well and are fresh and recovered in the morning and full of energy throughout the day, despite the geopathic stress in the house, mobile phones and wifi-router. Full recommendation!!!

Μετάφραση από admin:
Είχα για πολλά χρόνια το μικρό RAC Raycleaner ως μόνιμο συνοδό μου, όσο για το σπίτι τόσο για όλες μου τις μετακινήσεις και τον έχω πρόσφατα ανταλλάξει με το νέο HOL Raytransformer S+. Και επειδή ήμουν ενθουσιασμένη με το μικρό, παραγγείλαμε και τον XXL GIGA για το κτήμα μας και τί να πω, είμαστε όλοι ενθουσιασμένοι: Όχι μόνο είμαστε όλοι στην οικογένεια προστατευμένοι αλλά επίσης και τα ζώα μας, οι κήποι, λαχανόκηποι και χωράφια επίσης. Πέρα αυτού ο GIGA είναι ένα πραγματικό στολίδι το οποίο εντυπωσιάζει όλους τους επισκέπτες μας… Στην αρχή, μας ήτα λίγο έντονος και χρειάστηκε να βρούμε το κατάλληλο σημείο με αρκετή απόσταση από τα κρεβάτια μας, για να μην καταλήγουμε από την ενεργοποίηση ξύπνιοι τη νύχτα. Τώρα, έχοντας βρει το σωστό σημείο, κοιμόμαστε τέλεια και είμαστε πλήρως ξεκούραστοι το πρωί και γεμάτοι ενέργεια την ημέρα, ενώ έχουμε γεωπάθειες αλλά φυσικά και κινητά και μόνιμο wifi router στο σπίτι. Σας το προτείνω πλήρως!!!

I purchased years ago the big RAC and then also the small, personal one which I eversince carry with me. I have not come across anything like the RAC in terms of perfect protection from all and any kind of harmul radiation. Especially geopathic stress zones and the mobile did not have any negative impact on me any more and this was something that I felt and experienced from the very first moment. The RAC is maybe the best investment I have ever done in my life, no joke!