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Himalaya Rock & Crystal Salt

House of Light

Himalaya Rock & Crystal Salt

(shipping only to destinations within Greece)

Himalaya Rock Salt is suitable for all purposes and provides Well-Being & Physical Health when used properly. The positive effects of Himalaya Rock Salt is known in India for over 6000 years and it is widely used in Ayurvedic Medicine. Over the last few years this precious "white gold" has been introduced to the western healing community with incredible, positive effects and results!

Himalaya Rock Salt contains all 84 chemical elements that make up "real salt" and that can also be found in the human physical body. This IS why real salt IS together with clear, energized water, the basic substance that the human body needs for keeping its balance, hence its vitality and health!

All salt that comes from the wider Himalaya regions including the Indus Valley which is located in Pakistan is usually called "Himalaya salt", although this is not a very precise labelling, because the Indus mountains may only a little inprecisely be considered as "fore hills" of the Himalaya mountains but still, it is not really the Himalayas where the salt actually comes from!

To say it in clear words: Practically all exported Himalaya salt is not coming from the high Himalaya mountains but instead from the Pakistani Salt Range area which is the second biggest salt reservoir on our planet. Anyone claiming to sell salt from the Himalaya mountain tops is 99,9% not telling the truth and simply trying to justify high prices behind Himalaya myths... So we are clearly saying that all our Himalaya salt (and 99.9% of all Himalaya salt on the world market) is really Indus salt, although we will also keep the brand name “Himalaya” as everybody knows this type of salt under this specific name. We want our friends and customers to be up-to date and informed on this origin issue of the Himalaya salt.

The qualities are basically two, rose salt and crystal clear salt (diamond or halit), although there may occur slight quality differences from one company to another, in terms of the bio-energetic content (bovis units). Generally speaking, it is always better to use bigger salt crystals / -stones than completely ground salt as the finer it is ground the more bio-energy is being lost. The best, premium salt is the so called "diamond-salt" (looking like ice cubes) which should be used as salt-water solution, being added at the end of any cooking procedure to your foods and it IS, of course, the very best choice also for therapeutic use...

Also, another good guide to get good quality salt is to avoid the one which is relly pink and has a rather dull appearence. This is third category salt and should not be chosen! Instead watch out for Himalya salt that is shiny and shimmering, even in ground condition, which shuld more white than pink! So, a good ground Himalay salt looks white with a little pink hew and it is shimmering and not dull.

We provide 4 different types of Himalaya Salt in packaging 500gr, 1000gr and 25kg and we give you special offers for 10x1kg packs. 

Please contact us in order to find the best and most suitable for you way of shipping (only within Greece), thank you. 


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