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Healing Music & Mantras

House of Light

Healing Music & Mantras

Find here selected CD and MP3 titles with excellent healing music and/or mantras, that are all being tested and actively used in healing sessions, seminars and workshops provided by the House of Light. All titles are very effective for relaxation, meditation, visualisation, alternative healing, counseling sessions, soul travel etc. do all step out of the mass and mediocre stuff of the New Age Movement.

The titles we provide from the House of Light have all one thing in common: great quality and great efficiency best enjoyed with headphones or a good stereo unit!

The House of Light productions we do offer you on CDs are being burnt very carefully and at extra low speed to ensure highest quality and to protect your CD players’ lasers.


ATTENTION: Please note that deep relaxation music/meditations MUST NOT BE USED/LISTENED TO WHENEVER YOUR FULL ATTENTION IS REQUIRED (e.g. driving a vehicle, using machines, electronic or mechanical devices that may cause injury or physical harm to yourself or others!

the «Ultimate OM No1»
15.00   12.00

Choose here the House of Light «Ultimate ΟΜ No1»: 70 min. full with spacy, universal sounds of the polyphonic «ΟΜ» for extra deep relaxation, meditation, light work & much more...

The House of Light «Ultimate ΟΜ No2»: Enjoy spacy, universal sounds of the polyphonic «ΟΜ» with the intense synchronising, balancing, harmonising, activating and healing frequencies of the Holy Harmony…

The House of Light «Ultimate ΟΜ No3»: Travel on the wave sounds of spacy, universal sounds of the polyphonic «ΟΜ» with the intense synchronising, harmonising ^ balancing, activating & healing frequencies of the Holy Harmony while at the same time getting an extra effective subconscious mind reprogramming!

Choose here the holy Gayantri Mantra from the House of Light Hellas with polyphonic performance by Alexandros M. Pfaff for everybody, for active chanting, alone, in a group or simply for harmonising and energising of your home...

the «Sound of the Heart»
12.00   6.00

The House of Light «Sound of the Heart» is as a simple and very efficient tool for your personal good, as well as for planetary service, perfect for use with your loved ones and/or friends. It will always be a very uplifting, refreshing, energising and healing experience for all, any time, any place!


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