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HOL-DETOX DTX foot spa



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House of Light Hellas Foot Spa Detox



HOL DTX1 Foot Spa Detox    &   HOL DTX2 Life Foot Spa Detox

The Detox Foot Spa helps to detoxify from your feet all kinds of toxins that may have accumulated and settled there. It is an easy and pleasant way to detoxify from all sorts of unwanted toxins that have lodged in into your body and help your body become and stay neat and clean. This detoxification process is visible in the change of colour and consistency of the water, which may show slime, foam, bubbles, solids/crusts etc. along with a brownish colour. Note that not all what you see comes from your body but that there is a general reddish-brown colouring from the electricity flow and the chemical reaction from the anode with the salt in the water. See the picture below with the trasnparent, clear but reddish colour which shows the result of 30min application with onmly the tip of one finger making contact in the water, meaning all colour comes only from the anode.
30min anodes only, no feet contact, example after 25min
The usual time for one session is 30 minutes and it can be applied by most people without any side effects. For some people an additional very small spiritual practice such as grounding, light-shower, golden bubble of protection are good to be applied afterwards.
The foot spa ion detox IS highly suggested especially after illnesses and the intake of pharmaceutical products, as well as after all kinds of therapies, traditional as well as alternative. The effect on each person's body differs but after 6-8 applications most people will feel a positive result, although even just one application may give you a wonderful sense of clearing and lightness.
Please note: Hard smokers, people who drink a lot of alcohol and/or eat meat on a regular basis may produce a rather bad smelling, very dark mixture. Also note that the detox process may even continue throughout the day or night with additional unpleasant odour from the feet's sweat. This will settle after a few applications, especially when external adjustments are being applied also, such as less smoking, alcohol, meat, etc. and more living water, herbs, fruits, salads etc.
The ion detox foot spa will not change you, because this IS what you have to do yourselves with right adjustments for your personal well-being, but it will definitely support you in this regard! Don't use it as excuse to continue as usual or smoke or drink even more just because you detoxify but start to take the right decisions (e.g. quit smoking, drinking, junk food etc.) and the detox machine will help you clear your body to a great extend and bring you in greater balance in terms of physical wellness. So do not take the ion detox as sort of therapy for yourself but rather as a great support for your personal adjustments.
The HOL DTX1 is really the all time classics in the field of foot spa detox mashines and it is widely known for its efficiency, durability and long life. The built in high quality parts are installed inside of highly durable special synthetic case. After many years of 100% positve experiences with this model, we now offer another, more luxurious new model from the same factory:
The HOL DTX2 "life detox" - which is also a very durable and long lasting mashine, that provides the possibility of parallel and completely independend foot spa detox for two people at the same time. This device shares one power connection for the individual use of two big LCD screens and detox-programm units as well as two bamboo-charcoal theromo-belt units. It includes, of course, two wrist-bands and two anodes. All parts are built in into a fancy and very durable full metall case in black colour. 
In short here IS what each set includes:




  "HOL DTX1 detox" set:

- HOL DTX1 detox machine (switch for 110/220Volts),
- bamboo-coal infrared belt,
- electrode/wristcontact belt,
- anode for the water,
- operation manual,
- standard aluminium case - silver, for easy & secure transportation
- 1 year full House of Light replacement guarantee with device replacement (you do not wait for the device being repaired but we exchange it directly! The guarantee does not apply to anodes, or damage due to bad handling)

  "HOL DTX2 Life detox" set:

- HOL DTX2 Life Detox mashine (auto adjustment for 110/220Volts), with two "terminals" for parallel use for two people
- 2 infrared-bamboo-coal-thermobelts, for individual and parallel use,
- 2 anodes,
- 2 electrodes/wristcontact belts,
- operation manual,
- fancy aluminum-black-leather* case for easy & secure transportation (*synth. leather) 
- 1 year full House of Light replacement guarantee with device replacement (you do not wait for the device being repaired but we exchange it directly! The guarantee does not apply to anodes, or damage due to bad handling)
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