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Session for Compatibility Testing



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House of Light

Radiaesthetic Compatibility Testing

(Compatibility Dowsing)

Until there is reached a certain point of evolution and spiritual progress, wo/man usually "chooses freely" (as s/he believes!) by the use of her/his conscious mind which IS not yet in alignment with the higher mind, the superconscious mind. So most information and data stem from the subconscious with guidance of the negative ego which uses erroneous and faulty beliefs, attachments, addictions etc. to make up a decision! Thus, most decisions taken by the conscious mind are also not in alignment with what the body and the inherent living beings (elementals) really need and want as building material to keep the body in perfect harmony! On the contrary very often the food and substances that are intaken by most persons are actually highly burdening and even intoxicating, resulting in disharmony and eventually in symptoms and bad health! Remember the wise words by Hippokrates: Let our food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food!


What is this dowsing session good for?


This is session for radiaesthetic (dowsing) compatibility testing of food, homeopathic and other drugs, herbs, beauty products etc. to find out what really fits and what not!

► Choose this session for getting to know what really suits you and your multiple body system.

Choose this session to avoid from now on blind testing around yourself if you are not blessed yet with a clear inner voice and/or clear dowsing abilities.

Choose this session and stop being used, treated and tested by others like a test-object or -animal, which is mostly the case especially when we are talking about conventional drugs!

Take your decision, here and now to BE fully in charge yourself by consciously choosing from positively tested substances and products!


This 60 minute session is really a very short time and very low investment, if you consider the huge benefit you gain from it.

Stop the coincidental intake or use of food, drugs, herbs, beauty products etc. without knowing if the product or substance IS doing good, maybe worthless and a simple waste of your money or actually directly harmful for you!


► Decide for your own highest good and maximum benefit a radiaesthetic testing, today and win double:

1: Find and use only really suitable for you products/substance which means better balance & health and

2: Have less expenses and more free time because you simply do not waste time & money anymore on expensive drugs, herbs, supplements etc. that are totally useless or even harmful for you!

Your investment for this session is only €60!

This includes a 40 to 60min live or remote session for testing of up to 10 products or substances, incl. their intake plan and duration for health substances etc. For any kinds of substances that are meant for health support e.g. herbs, drug, supplements etc. a guidance of a maximum intake period of 4 weeks should and cannot be exceeded if precise and true answers being are wanted! After that time a new test will be necessary for verification, due to changes that may or may not have occurred in the highly complicated human multibody system which in 3x7days can undergo tremendous change! We take your well being very seriously, for this reason we are not giving any data beyond the critical 4 week barrier; this is not a marketing trick but strict responsibility!

If you have more than 10 products to be tested you may select the number of extra testing in the box below.

We offer you here best value for money for maximum gain with a minimum investment!

Contribution: €60

Duration: 40-60min

Additional testing: €6 per item/substance


So, if you are ready and willing to get in charge again

and stop being a "testing-animal" any more,

book your session here and now and gain double, for better health and more wealth!

...welcome to a new chapter of conscious positive decisions for more balance, harmony and better health...

ATTENTION: Please note that all shared information especially those that concern health issues and medication have to be discussed with your medical doctor or health care professional. No diagnosis are being made, nor do we give any advice to do or not do anything. All information has to be handled wisely and with your own full responsibility, thank you!

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