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AM-Series MP3 English

The official House of Light
Ascension Activation Meditations
by alexandros m. pfaff in MP3 version



9 GOOD reasons why YOU CHOOSE the House of Light guided meditations:

1. We have experience of many years in this sector and before choosing something for our students and friends we first use and test everything thoroughly ourselves so that we actually know that they work and guarantee their efficiency, no matter what!

2. We create the House of Light meditations on basis of our intuition and spiritual guidance and we synthesise brand new information and techniques given forth by the Company of Heaven with traditional information and techniques that have already been used over the decades or even centuries in the former mystery schools. This synthesis of the old with the new creates a real explosive mixture in terms of its efficiency and impact on the students.

3. As an active member for many years in the Hanover's boy's choir, alexandros m. pfaff has been blessed with intensive voice training that has provided him an excellent tool for guided meditation and hypnosis, which actually supports in an active way the incoming of the down streaming energies and dispensations to a great extend. 

4. We do not simply read a manuscript in front of a microphone but we actually do in practice the meditation in that very moment so that all present energies really flow into the recordings.

5. We record with professional equipment to gain and provide you highest quality.

6. We check and edit in detail each recording to guarantee the best possible quality.

7. We use technical effects to enhance and rise the efficiency of our meditations, especially in terms of deep relaxation (to theta levels) which is the real crux for intensive and efficient subconscious mind programming.

8. We offer all meditations in the eco-friendly and economical MP3 Format.

9. We dare to claim, that the House of Light Meditations belong at present world wide to the best of their kind!

So if you want to use our state of the art efficient tools for your personal growth and path, then




The House of Light Ascension Activation Meditations belong to the most efficient and powerful mediations that are currently available on planet earth. Originally introduced by beloved Ascended Master Dr Stone, this type of meditation with creative visualization and literally dozens or even hundreds of powerful dispensations are real ascension acceleration tools! You may find numerous original Dr Stone Asc. Med. at the I AM University website.

The House of Light IS providing exclusively the Greek recordings of all Dr Stone Asc. Med. plus an ever increasing number of House of Light meditations and Ascension Meditations in CD and mp3 format. These are currently being translated also into English language and scheduled to be recorded within the next months, available as mp3 files.

All House of Light guided mediations are enhanced with technical effects for extra high efficiency, such as subliminal, reverse, binaural beats for brainwave synchronisation. This way you get intensively reprogrammed with hundreds of positive affirmations while following deeply relaxed the meditative journey. All meditations are spiritually guided by alexandros m. pfaff. Music IS either by Marina Raye or specially formulated sounds and effects by alexandros m. pfaff.

We have divided the Asc. Meds. into 4 basic groups, according to the difficulty or intensity of each meditation. This way you may choose according to your personal needs.

D1: suitable for beginners with Asc. Meds.

D2-3: suitable for those that already have some experience with Asc. Meds.

D4: suitable for those who have already worked intensively with meditations and Asc. Meds.


ATTENTION: Please note that deep relaxation music / meditations MUST NOT BE USED / LISTENED TO WHENEVER YOUR FULL ATTENTION IS REQUIRED (e.g. driving a vehicle, using machines, electronic or mechanical devices that may cause injury or physical harm to yourself or others!

At present these meditations are available in mp3 format in Greek and German language and are currently being translated and scheduled to be recorded within the next few months. Please check for availability or send us an email if you would like to purchase a specific title so that we may give it priority...

many blessings to all of you!

AM1: This meditation IS recommended for all, who know they have one or more negative habits which they want to clear and transmute; it IS a great selfawareness, healing and ascension tool with very efficient and powerful impact! Are you ready for a rocket-ride? Then get on board and fasten your seat belts...

difficulty grade: D2
time: 39min

AM3: Choose this powerful meditation journey to get or stay on track and realigned, infused and finally one with your very Soul while being positively reprogrammed with over 1500 positive affirmations that go right into your subconscious mind! This will accelerate a thousand fold your personal ascension journey as well as support the ascension process of our beloved planet earth!

difficulty grade: D1-2
time: 55min

AM10: This meditative ascension journey brings you in sacred communion with your own body and your body cells. Experience in the beginning a powerful increase of your frequencies and receive dispensations from your personal MAP healing team that will be given and worked on throughout the entire meditation. Choose this incredible and powerful inner journey with hundreds of positive affirmations, re-programming, cancellations and dispensations for your personal ascension acceleration as well as for our beloved planet earth!

difficulty grade: D1
time: 36min



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