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AM1: Clearing of Negative Habits & Addictions

AM1: This meditation IS recommended for all, who know they have one or more negative habits which they want to clear and transmute; it IS a great selfawareness, healing and ascension tool with very efficient and powerful impact! Are you ready for a rocket-ride? Then get on board and fasten your seat belts...

difficulty grade: D2
time: 39min





The official House of Light
Ascension Activation Meditation No1:
«General Clearing, Clearing of Negative Habits & Addictions, Reprogramming with Health, Love & Power»
difficulty grade: D2
time: 39min

This meditation IS recommended for all, who know they have one or more negative habits which they want to clear and transmute.
For highest possible impact it should BE done on 21 subsequent days for each negative habit or addiction we want to clear and transmute. The process calls you to get actively involved at several points of this mediation journey, using your divine power of visualising as well as your intention to change things. If in the beginning you may have difficulties in actually "seeing" what you try to visualise, BE patient and persistent and replay for full three weeks once a day the procedure. You will find it getting easier and easier each time you do it and what may have seemed as obstacles or difficulties will turn out to BE something easy and pleasant and, not to forget, very efficient!!!
As with all House of Light Ascension Activation Meditations, also in this meditation we anchor and activate an Ascension Column back to the Source of GOD and activate the golden white Ascension Flame. This rises the over-all frequencies to very high levels providing even without anything else and on its own great stimulus in terms of over all balance, meaning health and activation of the personal ascension process.
This meditation IS a very effective tool for clearing, resetting and reprogramming your subconscious mind! It will give you what you need to clear away and transmute all negative habits and addictions you may have, such as smoking, alcohol, sugar, junk food, indulging in food in general, indulging in sex, power-hunger, bad sleeping or recreation habits (not enough walking, not enough oxygen, away from nature etc.) to name just a few. While addressing a specific habit or addiction for clearing you will also reprogram yourself with hundreds of affirmations for good health, Love and personal Power. These you actually do need if you want to rip off old, negative habits and replace them with new and positive ones! Also, you will receive special clearing, healing, anchoring and activation blessings throughout the entire meditation by your personal inner plane healing team and even beyond of this you will receive dispensations that may be continued by the forces of Light for the rest of your life, if you choose so! One very efficient dispensation IS the inner plane Core Fear Matrix Removal Program which will BE activated for you if you choose at this time for it to BE done! Don't miss this blessing as almost anything negative stems from fear which in fact IS the absence of Love! F E A R = false evidence appearing real is being programmed and anchored into all levels of our earthly bodies and it IS not possible to clear it just by using our conscious mind! It needs us to address directly our subconscious minds, clear there all fears and replace them with real and true values and data. Otherwise we may simply pretend or even believe to have mastered our fears when in reality we are in illusion with our fears still being anchored in different places inside of our bodies, appearing every now and then, when outer or inner circumstances press our buttons... Another important part plays the positive reprogramming because when you clear away something then you create somewhere inside of you a gap or void and if this IS not filled, preferably with positive and true data, then, what happens IS the old data returning back! So when fear has been cast out we always need to reprogram with LOVE & Light, Christ & Buddha aspects which guarantee old fear programming to stay out for good!
This meditation may require a little experience in terms of how to visualise and direct your intention e.g. growing roots from your feet, sending your grounding cord to the core of our planet, using tools in your vision etc. in order to fully enjoy while staying at the same time completely relaxed. In case you are new to the whole subject, simply take your time and repeat this meditation as often as possible. You will find the guidance and the music and the repetition to actually make you feel more comfortable each time and you will simply love the whole procedure! Each time you do it you will BE more powerful and loving and feel lighter and healthier. Use this mediation as daily tool to become more and more the ONE who you really ARE!
In this meditation we have used the House of Light “Ultimate OM1” which IS in itself a powerful tool for deep relaxation and healing for which we have used brain wave synchronisation to get you at least to low theta levels! For more details please go to the item “Ultimate OM1”.
So, choose this powerful meditation journey to get or stay on track and rid off all negative habits that hinder you to BE who you truely ARE while being positively reprogrammed with over 230 positive affirmations and dispensations that go right into your subconscious mind and or are being anchored on your template! This will greatly accelerate your personal ascension journey as well as support the ascension process of our beloved planet earth! Welcome on board…
Music: "HOL Ultimate OM1" (Polyphonic sounds by alexandros mpfaff)

Welcome on Board!

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